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Pixentral - The Free Image Host
Pixentral - The Free Image Host   Pixentral - The Free Image HostPixentral - The Free Image Host donationsAbout Pixentral - The Free Image Host
Welcome to Pixentral
This website is designed to give people a quick and easy way to share pictures on blogs, in forums, emails or even on websites. Its free, its easy and best of all you dont even have to sign up! Just click browse, select a file and hit send. Once the file has been uploaded to the server you will get a direct link to your image. If you want to know more scroll down and take a look at the q&a section or take a look at the tutorial.
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Q: Will everyone be able to see the pictures I upload?
  No. Your pictures are safe with us! Only the people that have the direct link to your picture will be able to view it, so you control who sees your images.
Q: What kinds of files can I upload?
  Pixentral supports JPEG, GIF and PNG images that are under 2MB in size. All other files will be rejected by the system
Q: How long will my pictures be online?
  Due to space restrictions the system will remove any image that has not been viewed in over 30 days.
Q: Does this cost me anything?
  No. I set up this site because I was frustrated by how difficult it is to find a decent free picture host, so I made my own. You can upload as many pictures as you want... free of charge. However running this site is expensive, so I encourage you to donate a dollar or two for the cause =)
Q: Why is Pixentral Beta? What does that mean?
  It means that the site may not be fully functional yet. Since Pixentral is just my private project, and is solely designed, coded and supported by myself there is a good chance that certain things may not be working at this point. If you have any suggestions please feel free to email me at carlo@pixentral.com